I LOVE THIS. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THIS COULD BE TAKEN MANY WAYS. i  mean i know she’s talking about love story but it reminds me of life and her life because i feel like her last album was such a heart break album and i think she went through a difficult time and i feel like she always has gone through getting hurt in life but she decided to change it, change her ending and just SHAKE IT OFF and show people she’s more then heart break and boys but shes a beautiful lovely fun women and shes so talented and she deserves to  be happy for how she is and i think she is finally feeling that happiness more then ever taylorswift


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Taylor Swift slaying the charts like:
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Love Story (1989 Mix) *with no audience/crowd noise!

*pauses the audience version that’s on repeat to listen to this*

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The best idol in the world.

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Where the tissues at?

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Taylor’s full iHeartRadio performance 

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Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio music festival.


Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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